Doula Services

Experience & Specialities

I attended births in Mexico City, Israel and Vancouver in nearby hospitals, birth centres and at home. I have experience with natural births, VBAC, instrumental deliveries, water birth and Caesarean Sections. My clients have delivered using breathing techniques, self-relaxation methods, aromatherapy, gas, induction and Epidural.

I provide massage and acupressure to relieve pain and can discuss homeopathic and aromatherapy remedies, though I am not medically or holistically certified.

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Birth Photography

Following my motivation as a doula has transformed me to find my path as a birth picture photographer.

Nothing compares to capture the first moment of a baby in this world.

Spinning Babies

This approach includes a comprehensive plan for pregnancy preparation and labor activities to ease birth.

Spinning BabiesĀ® can be used with any childbirth setting, home, hospital and independent birth center.

Service Description

  • An initial free of charge interview of 30-45minutes

  • Once booked I will provide one prenatal visits to prepare you and your partner for labour, birth and the care of your baby.

  • I will help you write a concise Birth Plan, and discuss every aspect of labour and delivery. For example, how to recognize that labour has started; what you would like to do with your placenta; and how would you like the atmosphere in the birthing room.

  • I will be on-call for you from week 37 to 42 of your pregnancy and my phone is on alert 24 hours a day 24/7 days a week.

  • I will support you physically and emotionally (with out leaving your partner behind ) during labour and birth.

  • I will stay with you after childbirth until you are comfortable and in most cases until the baby has breastfed for the first time.

  • I will provide one postpartum home visits to reflect on the birth, to ensure all is going well and to help in any way I can (breastfeeding support, bathing baby etc).

  • Services are provided in both English and Spanish